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Ugly, huh?

So ugly, in fact, I believed I had to “let go” of the anger.

Ummm…..But now?

No, thank you.

Do I have to “let go” of my happiness, or pride?  Or any other emotion?

Anger is a feeling.

And feelings are intelligent.

They are the language of our most true Selves –

Our perfect, radiant Souls.

But somewhere on this road to being human, we became confused about the nature of feelings.

We got it into our heads some feelings are “good” and some are “bad”, “ugly”, and wrong – and should be silenced, or shamed.


What if we allowed all feelings their expression?

What if we welcomed feelings as the dialect of our souls?

What if we trusted they have something to teach us?

What if we embraced each feeling and let them whisper and roar to us what is our Truth?

There is an important discernment here, of course.

There is a vast difference between BEING the feeling and actually FEELING it.

Being the feeling is acting it out.  Such as in the case of anger, yelling, tantrums, trying to punch back.

Like me.  Three years ago.

This photo is from a time when I was totally identified with my anger.  I was yelling because I felt I had been cruelly betrayed, and horribly screwed in a relationship – and I was fighting the hell back.

Not so enlightened.


What if I had been able to make space for myself to allow the rage to flow?  Just sitting?  With just me?

What if I had given myself the love and compassion to listen to the anger – and learn what my soul was teaching me?

I was angry FOR A REASON.

My sweet soul was shouting at ME to not give up my heart and behave in ways that were not good for me.

Sweet anger was the clarity of my boundaries.

Think about it.  When were you last mad?  At whom? At what?  I suspect if you lovingly trace that to its source, somewhere you were encountering your No.  “No, this is not right for me.”  “No, I don’t want to be treated this way.”

Well geez!  THANK YOU!

Anger…  like every other feeling – happiness, sadness, pride – moves through us like a kiss from our deepest Selves.

And miraculously – like your vital, dynamic Soul – they are not fixed. (One study says the actual experience of a single feeling lasts 90 seconds..)

Feelings rise and fall – in a flow which is as unending as life itself.

Welcome what you feel.

Allow your expression.  Allow YOU.

You are beautiful.

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