Body Confidence Coach,
Counselor & Somatic Therapist
Janet Farnsworth


I am a body confidence coach, counselor, somatic therapist and full-time shame-buster. I’m on a mission to help all women move from being challenged by their body to having a love affair with it.

Your Body is your Home. Your personal source of comfort, strength, wisdom, and joy. However for so many women, our bodies have become places of suffering. A battleground - trapped in feelings of unworthiness, and exhausting cycles of guilt and shame, and deprivation and excess.

I know how incredibly painful it is to hate your body. I know how it feels to be betrayed and unsafe - to live outside and apart from your body. As a child, I was assaulted by a family member and learned my body was an unhappy and painful place to be. So, I left it. When I wasn’t starving it or stuffing it into oblivion, I paid attention to it only long enough to savagely judge it.

I also know what it feels like to come home to your body. To learn to trust, and honor your body’s desires to move, express and feel the best it can. It is that experience I want to share with you.


After decades of suffering, searching & healing — I know what it is to truly love your body.

Professionally trained as a psychotherapist and counselor, I’ve had the privilege of working with incredible men and women in a variety of settings, including providing individual and group therapy to sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, the incarcerated, women recovering from eating disorders, and the LBGTQ youth community.

Early on I discovered that traditional psychotherapy neglected the body. But in order to heal, the body must to be included in treatment. Even when the presenting issues seemed to be unrelated - anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, or trauma - the body was always a necessary part of whole healing.  After all, your body is the one, persistent constant in your life:  without IT, you don’t exist.  How can one be free of suffering when where one lives is a battleground?

So I pursued a degree in body-centered psychotherapy, but even that still wasn’t enough. I went on to explore various yogic and shamanic traditions, energy work, creative movement, and dance therapy. And while each tradition had special treasures, not one single system satisfied what I wanted to achieve — total health and wellness of heart and mind, and your one, perfect precious body.


The next step was to bring it all together.

My professional and clinical training in psychotherapy combined with yoga, ecstatic dance, psychodrama and somatic therapy, as well as my personal experiences, became  Love Your Body Awakening — a movement-based spiritual coaching and counseling program to help women feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.

Living on the magical island of Maui in Hawaii, I’m now doing my soul’s work. Everything in my life – my experiences and education, pain and challenges, mistakes and triumphs – everything comes together in what I do.

My greatest passion and joy is helping women befriend their bodies. I have finally arrived at a place in my life where I can honestly say I’m incredibly grateful to live fully in my body – and that my body is a beautiful place to be.

When I’m not working with women, you can find me hiking in nature, dancing in the surf or hanging with my new best friends – Domino the cat, Temy the Dutch rescue horse and Twinkle Toes the islands oldest-known chicken – nestled on the side of a verdant (green and sleeping) volcano.

My journey made me realize that no one is defined by their past. We get to decide who we want to be, and we get to honor and celebrate the bodies we’ve been given. I’m a survivor and thriver, and know in my heart of hearts you are too.

I’d love to speak with you.



I wanted to explore more, and studied Kripalu, Vedic, and Tantra Yoga. I began doing somatic therapy, combining my career as a clinician with my love of expressive arts. I investigated shamanic and energy work. But no single tradition quite satisfied what I wanted to achieve. So I combined all of those extraordinary teachings and created The Practice of Now.

The Practice is a unique blend of yoga, meditation and personal reflection, combined with individual and group support, all in service and celebration of YOU. At heart is a deep reverence for the wisdom of what you feel, and how it guides you. Learn how to be in touch with your highly intelligent body, and access energy, ease, and insight. Connect to your body in a loving way, and life gets easier, brighter, and more full of joy.

My journey made me realize that I'm not defined by my past, but instead am who I choose to be, and what I can embrace. I am a survivor and thriver, and want you to be too. I hope my Yoga program helps you to develop a healthy relationship between your mind, body and soul, and grow to love all equally and with delight.


Joyful, creative, and an ongoing source of inspiration to me

"Janet is an incredibly gifted teacher. She has the rare ability to inspire people to do things they didn’t know they could do, and to discover things in themselves they didn’t know were there. And to have a great time doing it. She leaves people changed for the better"


Did you know that your body is actually your most powerful asset?

Your personal, never-ending source of strength, wisdom, insight, creativity, pleasure, comfort and joy?

Your body has an innate intelligence of its own. Wanting and waiting patiently to be heard. But somewhere along the way – you stopped listening. Instead of trusting your body, your body became a source of pain.

But it was never your body’s fault.

It’s time to come home to yourself. To reconnect to your body with an open heart and mind. To listen and discover its unique desires and needs.

I don’t have the answers – you do. Your body does. And it tells you everything you need to know.

I'm just here to guide you home.


I believe you deserve to experience comfort,  peace, happiness and pleasure in your body at any age, shape and size.

I believe that your body knows exactly what it needs to heal, be healthy and express itself.

I believe you have the capacity to heal your relationship with your body and fall madly in love.

I Love Our Humanity

Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women heal body trauma, including eating disorders, body dysmorphia, addiction, and sexual trauma. I’ve also healed my own trauma and painful relationship with my body.

My program 'Love Your Body Awakening' is the culmination of the many methods, philosophies and spiritual practices I immersed myself in either professionally as a counselor and therapist or personally in search of self-love, healing and transformation. I cultivated and continued to refine what worked, and weeded out what was confusing and unnecessary – to create a holistic modality.

Whether you’re in deep emotional pain or just want to finally feel comfortable in your body, this program is for you. You deserve to feel happy, healthy, attractive and at ease in your body exactly the way it is RIGHT NOW.

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Here Is What Some Of My Students Had To Say...

"I’ve had the honor of being a recipient of Janet’s magic and wisdom in private and group settings numerous times over the last 7 years.

Her wealth of knowledge is vast, and her capacity to hold space is uncanny. Even virtually, she has the ability to make you feel held and help you to truly FEEL into your own physical experience, vulnerabilities and all."

~ Amelia Isabel Torres, Oaxaca, Mexico

"WOW. That is what comes to me when I think of Janet.

Working with her brought things out of me that I wasn't even aware were still there, and I was able to process and let it all go.

I was so humbled to work alongside Janet…"

~ Karlee Wade, Arizona

"I absolutely love Janet! The best way to describe her was like being wrapped in a warm blanket and cuddled!

She made me feel so safe, loved, and heard. She allowed me to be vulnerable and I felt so connected to her in our time together. Through our guided meditation I felt so safe and free. She is gifted in both guiding and reassuring you as you move through the process."

~ Kelly Ramos, California

"Thank you for modeling and encouraging acceptance just as I am right now."

~ Ann Marie Sullivan, New York