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We updated our Terms and Conditions on 28th September 2020.

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Information Regarding Privacy Policy:

We also recommend that you read our privacy policy. As well as confidentiality, we value our client’s personal data privacy and take safety measures in ensuring the protection of their data. To learn more about how we handle your data, please read the full privacy policy here (website link).


Terms of Service:

Janet Farnsworth, MSW is a Yoga Teacher, body-empowerment coach and the founder of “The Practice of Now: Let Love Move You”, a movement-therapy practice designed to heal and nurture people’s relationships with their bodies. Janet helps people bust through old beliefs of shame and blame, and instead, connect to the body as a source of wisdom, pleasure, and joy.

She is also the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller book, “LOVE YOUR BODY: The Guide to Stop Making Your Body a Battleground”, which is a How-To for anyone who wishes to feel empowered and at peace with their body. With a graduate degree in social work ad thirty years of experience, Janet also brings a background in expressive therapy, psychodrama, ecstatic dance and yoga.

Through her books and courses, Janet wishes to inspire others to look deep within themselves and unlock the repressed emotions they have held in, so they can grow to love themselves.



Please note that our services are not a substitute for professional mental health care or therapy. You are responsible for creating and implementing your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, decisions, choices, actions or inaction or for any direct or indirect result of any services provided by the coach.

Our coaching does not prevent, cure or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. It does not substitute professional advice made by legal, mental, medical or other qualified professionals and will seek independent professional guidance for such matters.

Although our courses and book improves your mental health and your perception on your body, it is important to seek professional help, whether it be based on your nutrition, any traumas you have experienced or other conditions. If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, we would recommend that you inform your mental health care provider and may have to provide a referral letter on their behalf. 

The coach agrees to maintain the code of ethics and standards of behavior when conducting these coaching sessions. We will ensure that the client is comfortable and safe. 

The client agrees to communicate honestly, be open to the feedback and guidance provided and dedicate their time and energy to participate fully into the course.


Cancellation / Termination:

We reserve the right to cancel or terminate your access to our courses/classes, for the following:

  • If you breach our Terms and Conditions.
  • If you engage in anti-social behaviour against the coach or any members of our community.
  • If you take advantage of our materials (i.e. stealing or reproducing them for your own benefit).



It is the responsibility of both parties that any confidential information shared (whether it be during our coaching sessions, Facebook group or what other members have shared personally) will not be used for any purpose, except the performance of its obligations under this agreement.


Client responsibility:

Our courses are for strictly educational purposes only. The client agrees that they are entirely responsible for their own progress during the programs. Because our services are focused on personal growth, the results experienced by each client may significantly vary. The results you achieve are heavily based on how committed you are in completing our courses. There is no guarantee that you will reach your goals as a result of participation in our services. We assume no responsibility for errors / omissions that may occur in any of our course materials.



The content found on this website (i.e. texts, logos, images) is the sole and exclusive property of Janet Farnsworth and is protected by international copyright laws. All intellectual property, including our copyrighted course and book materials, shall remain the sole property of this company. Clients are not obliged to sell or steal any of our materials and are not authorized to use any of our intellectual property without our permission.


Limitation of Liability:

We shall not be liable for the following:

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  • The accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available by the site, including any errors or omissions in that information.


Governing law:

By visiting this website, you agree that the laws of the United States of America, without regard to principles of conflict laws, will govern these terms of service, or any dispute of any sort that might arise between Janet Farnsworth and you, or its business partners and associates.

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Every client is different, as well as their experiences with dealing with trauma or their own perceptions of their body and personality. But there is one thing that makes every single one the same; They are beautiful and important, no matter what they believe. The aim of our coaching is to convince you that you can excel your potential and live the life you always envisioned.

If you don’t feel like our journey together has changed you, that’s okay. It only means that you are not ready yet. We urge that you keep at your own pace and remember what we taught you. Our support is unlimited, so please don’t hesitate to ask for guidance.

We hope that your wonderful journey doesn’t stop at the end of our courses, but begins with the New You.


Changes to Terms and Conditions:

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