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Are you unhappy about your body or
feel ashamed about who you are?

When you look in the mirror, how do you feel about what you see? Do you look like what you envisioned in your head? Now ask yourself this. Who made you feel that way about your body? Who made you feel ashamed of who you are?  

We often find it hard to look in the mirror because we dread that feeling in the pit of our stomach; the fear that we won’t ever look good, either in our own eyes or someone else’s.

At times, the world is too adamant on how an ideal and attractive body should look, to be worth noticing. We tell ourselves that the only way we can love our body is to become this ideal size. Our happiness is tethered to our wish to be loved and accepted in society. But why can’t today be the day you love your body, simply because it is yours?

You are not responsible for how people feel or act towards you. The negativity we feel from others is only a reflection of their insecurity. It’s time to reap the roots they sowed inside you and stay true to yourself.

Do you know what I see? I see a beautiful soul.

Love for one’s self comes from within and you should embrace it. Whether you’re a woman or a man facing the pressures of the “ideal shape”, it’s time to learn The Practice of Now. 


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Love Your Body

Sometimes, we dissociate ourselves from our bodies under the influence of our mental health. Sometimes, our radiance is stolen by trauma and triggers our bodies in different ways:

“I have an eating disorder”
“I suffer from memories of childhood abuse.”
“I feel trapped in my anger, sadness or depression.”
“I am stuck in an unhealthy relationship or patterns of behavior.”
“I am ready to move on, but am not sure how.” 

Regardless of how much time has passed or how reassured we are that we have healed and can deal with our trauma, it can trigger or bring us close to tears. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or that you’re letting those who hurt you win. It only means that you are human.

Imagine your body as a tree. To grow, you must nurture yourself. There will be times when your branches droop, your leaves turning a muddy brown color. But damage is never permanent. When you cut those branches, new ones will grow in its place, more refreshed.

No matter what you have gone through, the scars that hide underneath your skin or the distant, uninvited touches, your body is your own. It’s possible to feel alive again in your body, without your trauma haunting you. You can be present in this moment. We are survivors, but also beautiful souls.

This book will help you not only free the suffering in your body, but remind you why it’s so important to celebrate your body and be free. This is a book about ending your belief that you are inadequate and finally discovering you are not just enough – but all you desire.

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With The Practice of Now, we believe that your body is brilliant

With every breath you take, your body has thousands of systems working to keep you healthy and well. Your biology – your very being – is always moving towards evolution, growth and repair. You cannot stop it if you try: the cut will close, the bone will knit, the muscle will stretch.

And you don’t have to do anything. Fundamentally, you are a somatic genius – a master of bioengineering and love. in fact, at heart, you are divine – uniquely gifted and endowed with soul (so kiss your elbow and wave to your big toe. They are prodigies of progress!).

By joining my Yoga Program, you will learn to embrace the wonders of your body and fall back in love with yourself. Transform your body from a battleground to a source of bliss!

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