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Are you unhappy about your body or
feel ashamed about who you are?

“If I could only change my body, I would be happy.”

Ashamed of how you look?
Wish your body were different? Taller? Thinner? Stronger?
Uncomfortable with the way your body feels?
Want to welcome touch, but instead avoid intimacy?
Or eat food with peace, instead of fear?

Rather than relish your body, you reject it.

You are not alone.

One recent study estimated 97% of women are dissatisfied with their appearance and would change something about their bodies if they could.

Your body image and experience impacts not just how you feel about yourself, but what you do— how you interact with others, whom you meet, whom you marry, even where you work.

According to one 2016 study, 89% of women canceled plans, job interviews or other important engagements because of how they looked.

Your body has somehow become a painful place to be when you most want it to be a place of joy, and pleasure.

It is time to find joy.

Are you ready to know on a bone deep, gut level that you are perfect exactly the way you are?
Are you ready to know what it is to be touched and feel not just fine, but fabulous?
Are you ready to feel beautiful?
Are you ready to feel adored?

Transform your experience of your body from battleground to beautiful.

Please reach out and let’s talk.

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the guide to stop making your body a battleground

End your belief that you are inadequate.
Discover you are not just enough – but all you desire.

An easy to follow, life-changing practice to feel delight in your body

  • Look in the mirror and be comfortable with what you see
  • Know and honor your ‘Yes's and ‘No’s
  • Know and honor what your body wants and needs 
  • Remove the blocks that keep you feeling disconnected and dissatisfied
  • Soothe the nervous system and feel peaceful in your body
  • Move in a way that makes you feel strong and beautiful

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the guide to stop making your body a battleground

Live a confident, creative life in the body you have now.

  • Connect to your body as a source of pleasure
  • Learn to listen to your body as a wise teacher 
  • Eat without fear 
  • Enjoy intimacy with your partner without body shame
  • Clarify what your higher power is to you
  • Tap into that higher power as a way to manifest your dreams

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With The Practice of Now, we believe that your body is brilliant

With every breath you take, your body has thousands of systems working to keep you healthy and well. Your biology – your very being – is always moving towards evolution, growth and repair. You cannot stop it if you try: the cut will close, the bone will knit, the muscle will stretch.

And you don’t have to do anything. Fundamentally, you are a somatic genius – a master of bioengineering and love. in fact, at heart, you are divine – uniquely gifted and endowed with soul (so kiss your elbow and wave to your big toe. They are prodigies of progress!).

By joining my Yoga Program, you will learn to embrace the wonders of your body and fall back in love with yourself. Transform your body from a battleground to a source of bliss!

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