Are You Ready To Boldly
Embrace Your Body?

How to Embrace Your Body

and Finally Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Overcome feelings of shame and transform your relationship with your body through effective counseling, spiritual coaching, and movement-based strategies. 

Next session begins: August 4th, 2021

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Essential Self-Care for Light Workers

How to Anchor Heaven on Earth

Join this Master Class with Body Empowerment Coach and Somatic Therapist Janet Farnsworth as she share Four Essential Tips for Light Workers.

Next session begins: August 16th, 2021

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Love Your Body Awakening

With Janet Farnsworth

Imagine feeing self-assured, comfortable and at-ease in your body – able to ENJOY the things you love without feeling an ounce of shame or embarrassment. Not. One. Single. Drop. Of. Body Shame.

Total freedom.

But learning to love your body can seem impossible. Especially if you’ve been going at it alone.

We all have deeply personal and often complicated relationships with our bodies that didn’t form overnight.  Learning to love your body isn’t as straightforward as body positivity books and resources often make it out to be.

To truly ACCEPT and LOVE your body, you first have to RECONNECT to your body. BEFRIEND your body. Learn how to LISTEN to your body and ANSWER its needs. TRUST your body.

To accept and love your body – you have to HEAL your relationship with your body. And to do that you have to be IN your body. EMBODIED.


Janet's "Love Your Body" Course Quite Literally Changed My Life!

“Love Your Body quite literally changed my life. Janet guided me to undo years of trauma and she expertly lead me to reconnect to my body in a healthy and expansive way.

Her genuine compassion allowed me to safely express feelings I didn't even know were keeping me captive and patterns that were holding me back from my true self. Her intuitive prowess knew when to hold space and when to dig deeper which allowed a true reconnection to the wisdom on my own body.

Being equipped with the tools of her course, I’ve been able to deepen the connection to myself, move forward in challenging relationships, step into my true potential and embrace my true worth. My only regret I have is that I wasn't equipped with the tools of this course sooner.” 

KACI Wright Johnson

What Is Love Your Body Awakening?

Love Your Body Awakening is a movement-based spiritual coaching program for women who are tired of hating their bodies, done with hiding, over the diet roller-coaster, and sick of comparing themselves to impossible standards, or former selves.

A unique blend of eastern and western modalities, this body acceptance course interweaves spiritual teachings and practices with traditional psychotherapy techniques and movement – combining yoga, dance, meditation, and personal reflection with individual and group support and coaching.

Through Love Your Body Awakening you’ll learn …

  • How to overcome body shaming.
  • How to turn off the hyper-critical voice in your head.
  • How to accept & adjust to the physical changes your body goes through.
  • How to maintain boundaries & prioritize true self-care.
  • How to feel comfortable in your own skin everywhere you go.

You have the capacity to heal your relationship with your body. You deserve to feel loved and worthy at every age, shape and size. All of your perfectly imperfect flaws and all!

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I Am Forever Grateful!!

"I am forever grateful to have met Janet, and for all of the work we have done together! I discovered and uncovered so much of myself that I didn’t even realize needed to be healed.

I was at a place in my life where I yearned for more confidence and self-love, and I thought it would take MUCH more than an eight week course to get myself to a place where I could lovingly look at all parts of myself in a mirror.

Janet showed up to each session with so much love and understanding, and I’m deeply grateful for her support, guidance and all of the new tools she helped me find on this journey to loving my body. You have truly changed my life, thank you!”


Heal your relationship with yourself and move from loathing to loving your body in 60 days!

  • Master listening to your body & honoring what it wants & needs.
  • Soothe your nervous system & finally rest after a year (lifetime?) of extreme stress.
  • Uncover the physical & emotional issues trapped in your body.
  • Realize how truly brilliant & perfect your body is and has always been.
  • Discover the pure joy of dancing & moving your body freely!

Want to learn more?
I’d love to chat, and make sure Love Your Body Awakening is the right fit for you, and we’re the right fit for each other. <3

Please only schedule a call if you are ready to invest in real change.  The work of transformation requires effort and commitment.  I’m ready for you if you are!

Hi. I’m Janet and I Freaking Love Humanity

Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women heal body trauma, including eating disorders, body dysmorphia, addiction, and sexual trauma. I’ve also healed my own trauma and painful relationship with my body.

Love Your Body Awakening is the culmination of the many methods, philosophies and spiritual practices I immersed myself in either professionally as a counselor and therapist or personally in search of self-love, healing and transformation. I cultivated and continued to refine what worked, and weeded out what was confusing and unnecessary – to create a holistic modality.

Whether you’re in deep emotional pain or just want to finally feel comfortable in your body, this program is for you. You deserve to feel happy, healthy, attractive and at ease in your body exactly the way it is RIGHT NOW.

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Janet Helped Me See What Was Standing In The Way Of Loving Myself And My Body

“I’ve been struggling my entire life with accepting my body and understanding why it is a source of discomfort for me. Janet helped me see what was standing in the way of loving myself and my body – and more importantly, she offered tools to break through the mental logjams that impede my ability to do so. She’s a smart, wise, caring person, and every interaction with her feels like a gift. It’s good to have Janet on your side.”

Meredith Hunt

It’s possible to live with comfort, ease and confidence in the body you have right now!

Reluctant to explore more?  I get it.

So many of us put off this kind of change because it feels too hard - never enough time, too much commitment, or you don’t think the result is possible.

But WHAT IF you decided that whether or not this particular program is for you, you decided you are ready to take a step to explore your healing? What if you decided to prioritize the search for what you need? 

The Discovery Session is designed for you to get clear on why you are stuck, and what the next best step is for YOU.

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Joyful, creative, and an ongoing source of inspiration to me

"Janet is an incredibly gifted teacher. She has the rare ability to inspire people to do things they didn’t know they could do, and to discover things in themselves they didn’t know were there. And to have a great time doing it. She leaves people changed for the better"


Discover how to boldly embrace your unique body once-and-for-all, and get on with your life!

What if instead of ignoring your body – you understood it, listened to it & honored your body’s wants & needs?

What if instead of longing to be taller, thinner, younger, fitter, etc. – you accepted & maybe even liked your body regardless of shape, size, wrinkles or cellulite?

What if instead of just accepting your body – you loved & celebrated it for all of the amazing things your body knows & does?

What would you do with your one precious life? Would you …

  • Take that girls trip to a tropical destination without hesitation?
  • Put yourself out there & start dating again?
  • Receive love and adoration from your partner?
  • Begin walking, swimming & moving your body more often?
  • Dine your way through Europe without a care in the world?
  • Twirl & dance freely outdoors with the sun on your skin?

Are you ready to finally experience what it means to truly love your body? Let’s chat!

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I could physically see their transformations happen before my eyes!

"All of you is welcome when you work with Janet. When I recently hosted my own private virtual group immersion, Janet was my first-choice to lead my girls through a session of deep body/mind/soul work.

Their before and after in working with Janet was astounding. I could physically see their transformations happen before my eyes. I am so grateful she agreed to be one of my guest teachers, and I am forever grateful for the gift she is and all that she brings to the world. "

Amelia Isabel Torres, Oaxaca, Mexico