When I was young, I learned my body was an unsafe and unhappy place to be. Assaulted by a family member at 3, it hurt being me, and so I pretty much checked out.
No matter how deeply I locked that memory away though, the trauma still shaped me. I hated feeling my body, and only barely tolerated being in it. When I wasn’t starving it, I was stuffing it into oblivion. Never really sure what what I felt or wanted, I had no sense of myself.
But then I started to dance. Not fancy steps or choreography. Just spontaneous and natural movements. Muscle and bone, heartbeat and breath… body. And I woke up. When I moved with freedom, it was as if the me whom I repressed – or had cauterized by the trauma – came back online. Suddenly, I knew what clothes I wanted to wear and what foods I wanted to eat. I knew what my opinions were and where I wanted to go. I had energy, and felt alive and clear. The “I” whom I had repressed came roaring back, and she had some things to say.
Through motion, my soul had found her way back home.
It was wonderful.
I wanted to explore more, and studied Kripalu, Vedic, and Tantra Yoga. I began doing somatic therapy, combining my career as a clinician with my love of expressive arts. I investigated shamanic and energy work. But no single tradition quite satisfied what I wanted to achieve. So I combined all of those extraordinary teachings and created The Practice of Now.
The Practice is a unique blend of yoga, meditation and personal reflection, combined with individual and group support, all in service and celebration of YOU. At heart is a deep reverence for the wisdom of what you feel, and how it guides you. Learn how to be in touch with your highly intelligent body, and access energy, ease, and insight. Connect to your body in a loving way, and life gets easier, brighter, and more full of joy.
My journey made me realize that I'm not defined by my past, but instead am who I choose to be, and what I can embrace. I am a survivor and thriver, and want you to be too. I hope my Yoga program helps you to develop a healthy relationship between your mind, body and soul, and grow to love all equally and with delight.

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