Body Talks

Honest & Open Healing Conversations for
Women Who Have Bodies

I wanted to explore more, and studied Kripalu, Vedic, and Tantra Yoga. I began doing somatic therapy, combining my career as a clinician with my love of expressive arts. I investigated shamanic and energy work. But no single tradition quite satisfied what I wanted to achieve. So I combined all of those extraordinary teachings and created The Practice of Now.

The Practice is a unique blend of yoga, meditation and personal reflection, combined with individual and group support, all in service and celebration of YOU. At heart is a deep reverence for the wisdom of what you feel, and how it guides you. Learn how to be in touch with your highly intelligent body, and access energy, ease, and insight. Connect to your body in a loving way, and life gets easier, brighter, and more full of joy.

My journey made me realize that I'm not defined by my past, but instead am who I choose to be, and what I can embrace. I am a survivor and thriver, and want you to be too. I hope my Yoga program helps you to develop a healthy relationship between your mind, body and soul, and grow to love all equally and with delight.

Did you know that your body is actually your most powerful asset?

Your personal, never-ending source of strength, wisdom, insight, creativity, pleasure, comfort and joy?

Your body has an innate intelligence of its own. Wanting and waiting patiently to be heard. But somewhere along the way – you stopped listening. Instead of trusting your body, your body became a source of pain.

But it was never your body’s fault.

It’s time to come home to yourself. To reconnect to your body with an open heart and mind. To listen and discover its unique desires and needs.

I don’t have the answers – you do. Your body does. And it tells you everything you need to know.

I'm just here to guide you home.


I believe you deserve to experience comfort,  peace, happiness and pleasure in your body at any age, shape and size.

I believe that your body knows exactly what it needs to heal, be healthy and express itself.

I believe you have the capacity to heal your relationship with your body and fall madly in love.

Join us every Monday evenings EST for a free virtual workshop on Facebook live, led by body acceptance coach and somatic therapist, Janet Farnsworth as she breaks down barriers and breaks through those old limiting beliefs to help women befriend their bodies.

Explore and discuss all things body-related in a safe, contained space and fun, nurturing environment for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

This is a free safe and open conversation in which we speak honestly about what we are experiencing — and explore  ways to feel a greater sense of ease, comfort, confidence and wellbeing in our bodies, just as they are. 

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