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Explore and discuss all things body-related in a safe, contained space and fun, nurturing environment for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.


Join us every other Monday for a free 1-hour virtual workshop led by body acceptance coach and somatic therapist, Janet Farnsworth as she breaks down barriers and breaks through those old limiting beliefs to help women befriend their bodies.


This is a free safe and open conversation in which we speak honestly about what we are experiencing — and explore  ways to feel a greater sense of ease, comfort, confidence and wellbeing in our bodies, just as they are.


Next Up: Bold Bathing Suit Breakthrough, May 31st at 5 pm PST  

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Bold Bathing Suit Breakthrough

A Free Virtual Workshop Exclusively for Women

May 31st at 5pm PST

Oh my, summer’s here! Again?!

Weren’t we all just wearing our sweatpants and pajamas?!

Before we start freaking out, let’s take a moment and remind ourselves we don’t have to have the perfect swimsuit body to enjoy all of the summertime activities we love. All you need is a body.

But feeling comfortable, confident and carefree enough to be in a suit you love is challenging for most women. It most definitely was for me. But not anymore.

Join me for a 1-hour body empowerment workshop for women ready to explore freedom from bathing-suit terror. Together we’ll let go old stories of shame and discover ways to actually enjoy being at the water!

In this Body Talk you’ll learn:

* Why picking out a bathing suit feels impossible.

* What specific challenges you need to overcome in order to wear the bathing suit you want – not the bathing suit that hides you!

* How to WEAR the bathing you WANT.

* That the first and most important secret to walking from your towel or chair to the water with confidence (hint: it’s not how you look!).

Wouldn’t it be great if your only concern was how cold the water is? It can be!

Join us and breakthrough the awful summertime trepidation – and boldly wear your swimsuit with confidence and ease.

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